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"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass". - Anton Chekhov

Fanfiction, Kuroko no Basket.

Drabble, Fukui Kensuke x Liu Wei.

Word count: 969

Warning(s): alcohol, language, wordfart, possible OOC, height complex

Kissing Kensuke is always a difficult feat. The first few attempts earned Liu reactions of stunned shock, always followed by some sort of physical harm afterwards. Liu’s been slapped across the face, punched in the gun, and kicked in the shins more times than he cares to count. Now that Kensuke is becoming more and more accustomed to these displays of romantic intent and affection, the amount of violence following such kisses has decreased considerably, but even that does not make it any easier.

When Liu initiates, it usually involves seating Kensuke on a higher surface, or having to carry to shorter boy in his arms as they kiss; when Kensuke initiates, he simply pulls the taller boy down by the collar of his shirt, the end of his uniform tie, or even by the scruff of his hair. Either way, it often results in back and neck pains for Liu, and make Kensuke even more vehemently aware of his height complex. A twenty-seven centimeter height difference between lovers is honestly a bit of a hurdle to overcome; not that the boys let it hinder their relationship that much.

However, Wei has learnt that kissing Kensuke- no matter how difficult the process and rewarding the eventual results are- is an endeavor that should never be attempted when said blond is drunk. When Wei wraps his arms around his inebriated boyfriend and hoists him up for some lip service, he’s met with a rough knee to the gut, and a halfhearted slap to the face (a small mercy, perhaps). “Stoppit,” Kensuke whines, voice slurred slightly, and of course Wei drops the smaller boy, curling up to cradle his injured stomach. 

"I was trying to kiss you," The Chinese boy grunts slowly through gritted teeth, but explanation of the obvious seems to be wasted on the drunk.

"Makes me feel short," Kensuke complains, and the expression on his flushed face almost looks like a pout. "Every time we kiss, I gotta get carried, or pull you down, or stand on something, and- and," He raises himself onto the tips of his toes for emphasis, but he still fails to reach anywhere near Wei’s height. "Never works. Pisses me off," he finishes blandly. 

Wei stares at Kensuke uncomprehendingly, blinking once or twice, and he can scarcely believe that his boyfriend is bringing up matters such as height at a time like this. Obviously it’s a barrier, judging from the upper body muscles that he’s gained over the past few months from repeatedly lifting another person and the soreness of his lower back from continuously bending down for heated sessions of tonsil hockey. But to be honest, after so many years on the same team, and now in a relationship, Wei would have thought that Kensuke would be used to the height difference. Apparently not.

Wei can’t help but sigh. After a few drinks, he and his boyfriend are pressed up against one another, tucked discreetly in the corner of a bar with music and colored lights creating the perfect atmosphere; and instead the sexual advances and public displays of indecency he’d much rather prefer to take part in, he ends up having a deep, meaningful discussion on height. Wei can’t help but feel a bit cheated by fate.

Running a hand through his hair, he turns his eyes upwards, looking at the club ceiling as if expecting heavenly cue cards to drop out of the sky and tell him what to say. Right now, Wei is so exasperated and sexually frustrated at the same time that he’d surely trade half his height if it meant that he could be kissing Kensuke into the wall instead. “Well if you’re so hung up about the whole height issue, why not buy some high heels or something? I think they’d look nice on you.” It’s meant to be a joke, but judging by the deep scowl that forms on Kensuke’s features, that’s not how the blond takes it at all.

Kensuke pushes Liu away from him immediately, arms flailing out in a wide arc as he does so.”Fuck you! You might be into that sort of shit but there’s no way in hell I’m gonna pull anything like that!” The yelled rebuttal is a bit louder than Wei would prefer, and he sincerely hopes that the music playing from the surrounding speakers is loud and engaging enough to drown out the words. Kensuke’s tantrum doesn’t end there, however. 

"That’s it, I’m sick of this! I am so over, just you fucking- I hate you!" Wei is thoroughly confused now, and places a hand on the shorter boy’s shoulder, asking if something’s wrong. Kensuke shirks the hand as if the touch burns him, and glares daggers into his boyfriend- or at least does his best to, considering his level of intoxication. 

Wei can’t help but be amused. “So… You’re breaking up with me over this?” He tests, the corners of his lips twitching traitorously as he fights the urge to smile. Kensuke nods firmly. 

"Yep. You’re too fucking tall, dammit." Wei isn’t at all sure of how to react at this point, and heaves a sigh. 

"Can’t you just let me carry you? Or I can bend down, if that’s what you want." Never let it be said that Liu Wei is neither a negotiable nor patient man. Kensuke’s response is the solid shake of a head. 

"No! Fuck you! I’m going back to Akita! Breaking up with you! Go die in a ditch, beanpole!" The blond stomps into the crowd angrily, much to Wei’s bewildered gaze, and the taller boy just follows the trail incredulously with his gaze. What just really happened there?

Wei sighs into his hands and massages his temples before going after Kensuke. That blond really should not be allowed alcohol. 

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