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"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass". - Anton Chekhov

SAT Vocab Drabbles - #1 

Kuroko & Takao (KnB); Hanamiya (KnB); Imayoshi x Hanamiya (KnB); Izuki x Riko (KnB); Midorima (KnB); Midorima & Takao (KnB); Raxiel vs Agel (original); Midorima x Takao ft. Miyaji (KnB)

cognate - Kuroko & Takao (KnB), G

"We’re the same, you and I." The first time Kuroko hears these words is in the heat of competition, with a pair of inescapable razor-sharp eyes tracking his every movement. The second time is in a much more casual setting, and when Kazunari slings an arm over Tetsuya’s shoulder as the two of them watch their respective partners trading insults over dunks, three-pointers, drink choices, IQ levels, and hair colors. Instead of passing, Tetsuya’s fairly sure that the similarity they share has something to do with having to babysit childish idiots. 

belie - Hanamiya (KnB), G.

Makoto is not a fan of smiles. Whether it’s Imayoshi’s sly, calculating stretch of lips, Kiyoshi’s broad, clueless grin, or even Hara’s mischievous baring of teeth, they send shivers up Makoto’s spine. He knows from experience that every single one of them- including his own- is just meant to hide what goes on beneath the surface. 

concomitant - Imayoshi x Hanamiya (KnB), M

Makoto feels his head hit the wall as Shoichi shoves him backwards, their teeth clicking against each other as they hungrily press their mouths together. He can feel the bastard racing his tongue along the split, tasting blood from where he bit Makoto’s lip until it split, and the corners of his mouth curve in a smirk at the metallic taste. Makoto gives a low growl, and as his hand tightens in the older boy’s hair, he wonders if it’s possible to hate and want one man so much at the same time

buffoon - Izuki x Riko, G

The first time he makes contact with the pretty brunette girl who sits in the front of the classroom and whom he’s only ever heard answer questions during class, Izuki accidentally lets loose one of the worst puns in his joke book, something about angels and falling from heaven. The girl rolls her eyes and exits the classroom, leaving a crestfallen boy in her wake. However, the moment that the sound of laughter reaches his ears, he turns to see another brunette- Aida Riko, he remembers- snickering at his failed attempt. “That was terrible,” she giggles, unable to hold in her her laughter. 

By the end of the year, Riko has threatened to kick Izuki off the school roof precisely five times if he didn’t shut up immediately. But Izuki still remembers that first girl that he ever made laugh with his jokes and holds that memory close to his heart, because he’s convinced that’s when he fell in love iwth her. 

adumbrate - Midorima, G.

After the semi-final match for the Winter Cup, Midorima finds the shougi piece that was that day’s lucky item in his bag. Despite any previous qualms about the disposal of lucky items before the day was over, or the question of what he would do with a shougi set with one piece missing, he promptly walks over to the rubbish bin and drops it straight in. 

adjunct - Midorima & Takao (KnB), G.

It’s hard for Shin-chan, who’s always been in the spotlight, to understand how and why Takao is able to derive such excitement from playing the subordinate position of existing merely to pass to the ace. It’s equally as hard for Takao to explain to a man who’s obviously never watched himself shoot, exactly how exhilarating it is to see the precise high arc of the ball, to hear the swish of the net, and recognise that you helped make that happen. 

axiomatic - Raxiel vs Agel (original), T

It’s hard to understand why Agel chooses to challenge Raxiel time after time and lose so bitterly, instead of just accepting the truth of his own weakness which should have been self-evident from the very beginning. The blonde boy hits the ground yet again, energy rushing through his system to mend broken bones even as new cracks are formed upon impact. The Reaper just watches the boy with a cold, distant stare, not quite caring when or if he’ll ever get get up. 

bedlam - Midorima x Takao ft. Miyaji (KnB), M

The first night he’d listened to music through earphones, and the second night he’d tried earplugs, but both were in vain. Shuutoku’s drills and practices are brutal enough without copious amounts of sleep deprivation, so by the third night of the training camp, Miyaji puts his foot down. Squeezing his eyes shut to prevent any further mental scarring than what he’s already received through the thin walls, Miyaji swings the door to Takao’s room wide open, before yelling, “YOU TWO WILL FUCK IN SILENCE TONIGHT OR SO HELP ME I WILL RUN YOU OVER WITH KIMURA’S TRUCK, YOU HEAR ME?” It pleases and disturbs him to learn that Midorima screams like a girl when walked in on mid-thrust.

Much to the blonde’s dismay, that night’s bedlam is no quieter than before, and the first thing that Miyaji does when he gets Internet access is order gags for the both of them.

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