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"Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass". - Anton Chekhov


Drabble (iPhone fic), Alyssa x Souji

Word count: 261

Warning(s): References to previous character death, angst, reincarnation

Upon hearing the joke, he chokes on the soda and begins to cough. A flash of unbridled terror runs through you, piercing through your very being. Flying to his side, you hold onto one of shoulders to support him and place your other palm flat on his chest, as if intending to suppress any pain. His lips are so pale, those beautiful green eyes are dulled with suffering, and as every rasping cough tears itself from his lungs, you watch his haggard frame shudder and sense that he’s slipping from you. The crimson droplets beginning to dribble from his lips, a disturbingly familiar sight, are such a stark contrast to his sickly pale skin tone that you couldn’t avert your eyes from if you wanted to.

"Souji! Don’t die on me like this, please! I’ll get some cloths to wipe the blood, just- Please!"



Souji looks at you strangely with bright cat-emerald eyes, no doubt as perplexed about your reaction as you are, but amongst the confusion and curiosity, you spot a seam of recognition and realization in his gaze. You’re breathing heavily now, tears on the verge of spilling out onto your cheeks. He holds onto your trembling hands, and tries to act comfortingly.

"What blood? Dying? It’s okay, Alyssa, I’m fine. I just choked on my soda, that’s all, it’s alright. I’m not going anywhere." As he pulls you close into his embrace, hand stroking your back soothingly. You bury your face in his shoulder and the tests begin to run freely.

I’m not going anywhere, not anymore.

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